Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July


Don't do it Mommy!

Skylie SMILES!!!!!!!!

She is a rockstar!

My Love.

First boat ride ever.....

Pawpaw looks thrilled!

I---Yi ---Yi

Tribute to Early Madonna

I don't like to be RESTRAINED!!!!

Quoting Pawpaw "What an ignorant display of wealth!!!!!" LOL

Same house part 2

I wish I owned U.S.Fidelis!!!!!!

Helping Uncle David fish.

Having some Bud with Uncle Jeff


Suzanne M. my FB friend said " Hmmm the beer usually loosens me up."

Serious Cuteness!

You don't wanna mess with this !

This is rapper Nelly's house. Dude you got a tree down.

Oh so I just need to take her on a boat the next time she won't take a nap.

What'chu smelling Onnie?

Babies caring for babies.

Cute runs in the family...This is Cousin Chloe.

More posing.

My Daddy.Sky's Pawpaw.

Ewwwww Somebeauty Doesn't Want Her Picture Taken.

Look at my lovely lashes........

Oh I am looking at your lushious lashes!!!!!

STOP putting words in people's mouths!!!!!!!!!

Icing Lipstick

Aunt MaryAnne playing with Miss Piss and Chloe.

Laughing at Uncle David.

Also known as "The Monster"

She is SOOOOOO Cute!!!!!

Loving on the Monster.

Best Buds!!!!!

Bye my new best friend!!!!!!

Man Oh Man these 2 Lil' Ladies are gonna be trouble!!!!!!!


Donna said...

Hey - it's Kelly from the "ole' days - lots of pics, funny as hell captions, nice good long post, lots of adorable as evah shots of little Miss Sky!! yippee!

I frickin' love that tutu - and I just might have to put one on Austin and Logan. Either that or borrow Sky for a few game?

Tina said...

Your captions were hysterical this week. Love Sky in the tutu but I really love the last pic. I can just see her 16 years from now. Scary thought huh?

BTW Coming out Aug 4th-9th

Leslie said...

i so want a boat!!! lucky people! lol

Those are some cute cute girls and i love the tut tu TOO!


Valerie said...

Aw, Sklie is so stylin' in her rocking tutu. Now I want to get a purple one for Ava. A girl can never have too many clothes.

Your captions really cracked me up, you are on a roll. I love the first and last pictures. Sklyie is going to be so much trouble when she's a teenager!

Rhonda said...

What awesome pictures. They are so incredibly cute. My girls hate having to wear their life jackets on our boat too. I just got the ok to go out on our boat in the next four weeks! wooohooo

Hannah said...

Seriously....I LOVE that tutu!! Sky cracks me up! I always look forward to seeing your demented little remarks they make me smile :)

Love it!

Tracey said...

Sky looks BETTER than Madonna!! I love her, (Sky, NOT Madonna) to death!!!