Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 3 Beach Fun!!!!

OH MY GOD This is hysterical!!!!!!We call it our cootie!!!!!!!

Ralphie Fly Fishing on the shore

Isn't he beautiful?

I just love to watch the line.

Love it!

It was so calm in the morning.

Look at my goldfish cracker!

Taking a rest.

Love her BUTT!!!!!

Onnie was there, fugly feet and all!

Little Model

Daddy caught a cuite!!!!

Wish you were here beeotches!!!!!!


S'more Skylie Butt!!!!

This girl loves the water!!!!

She is such a goofball!

Stunning Skylar

Sleepy girl!

Donax Don't Tell!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Island Life

The Coach smoking a bubble gum cigarette!
Ralph fell asleep at thye shopping center!
He claims to have been "tired" ????
Or did I slip him another Xanax so we could shop?????
She really did love this...
Happy to have BOOBS
See the mermaid!!!!!
Busting out!
Just one of the awesome pools here at South Seas Plantation.
I want a grilled cheese!
Where's my damn grilled cheese!???!
I am starv'in Marvin!!!!!!
Drunk on Grilled Cheese!
I can see you!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Skylie Butt!!!!!!!
To Be Continued...........

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Departure and Arrival

Zanax anyone?????

Taking care of Daddy

Oh No I gotta get on a plane...oh wait I am already passed out. LOL

Being Cheesy!


HOLY SHIT A pants suit!!!


Ahhhhh We've landed.

I told ya Onnie was coming!!!

Yay we are in Florida!!!!!

Vanna White showing me the lovely fridge .

Our first pic of wildlife.

On a trolley at South Seas.

Sobering Up!!!!

My Girl by a banyon.

Our second wild animal.

What Up????

Look sand!!!!

She's a beach bum!!!!

More to come ............................