Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am Still Here

Look this is me as a mannequin!!!!!

Mommy remembers when they would hire people to do this!

I could sooooo rock this!

Mommy he looks stiff .
Look its me being studious!
LOL Not so much!
Serious "tude"

I am doing great at school. Mommy gets freaked out because strangers always say "Hi Skylar!"
I think it's funny to see her freak out! LOL Onnie's neighbor got a new puppy I named him Little Sonny Temple but I think they call him Toby :) My favorite candy is Papparazzi , you might know them as Pop Rocks! Mommy started a new part time job, she really likes it! I go to Onnie's when she's at work and I have fun BUT I do miss being with my Mommy all the time . I want a puppy really bad . I want a Pudge (Puggle) or a Lawyer (Labrador Retriever). Well I will talk to you all later. Mommy promises to updatre more frequently....Don't give up on her :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reunions and Fun

Everyone remember Krispy Harse????Look how big she/he is????

Good old Rufus.

The old guy Phil.

Maggie and Krispy

Good day to throw rocks in the sea.

Onnie is so popular!!!!!

So cute!!!!!

Watch out she's gonna eat'cha!!!!!!


Love how My girl is making Kate laugh!!!!

The girls all dressed up !!!!

Miss Maggie

Miss Skylar

Miss Kate

Ready for fancy PB&J's!!!!

So cute with their teapots!

All smiles.

OH MY God !!!!!! I love this place!!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Could Look At Her All Day

(my absolute Fave)
( This one too!)
Onnie and Me
Skylie Butt
Hand in Hand
And when you saw only one set of footprints...that's when Daddy was showing the world Skylie Butt LOL
Our Little Family
Sky with her one and Onnie !

San-Cap Road at sunset