Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner

The beautiful Miss Sky

She is asleep here , thought it was hysterical that her hat was on her face...

Saint Justinus Puer Martyr...this is her actual body covered in wax...KINDA CREEPY

Sky with her Aunt to Be Anna Banana

The Shrine Of St.Joseph's is a gorgeous church


Onnie and my other mother , Jackie

Maggie and Kate

The girls had their own private party...I was told to leave

The Cake

The Happy Couple sporting their matching grills...LOL Love that this pic came back to haunt /taunt them

Horny Sky...OH Wait that sounds bad HA HA HA

Oh No You di'hint...Oh yes she di'hid!

The girls set the table

Sky and Kate

Only one plate got broken

Serious conversation with GG

Did I mention, only 1 plate got broken :)

Why so sad Boots?
SKYLIE BUTT ( for Hannah)

Actin' A Fool

A shot of Yager Barkeep

Daddy's Sunshine

Pawpaw and Onnie consoling the sad sad baby girl :(

Aunt Mary Anne, PawPaw,Onnie, Uncle David, and the Bride To Be

And this explains ALOT about me ...

Yes Folks these are my parents LOL
And I am just like them :)


Cheri and Jesse said...

OMG!!! Love the pictures!! Especially of your parents!!! You are just like them? REALLY??? lmfvo I hope you all have so much fun at the wedding and wish Anna and Jeff a lifetime of love and happiness!!! Can't wait to see Skylar in her dress.......not she if she can look prettier than she did in these pics!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Especially the pics of your parents-LOL!!!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I wish those girls lived here!!!!! They had such a good time together and only broke one plate. Love the pics of your parents. They look like lovely people.


Hannah said...

Yay! Skylie Butt Rules!!

I am sorry the but lady dipped in wax would be too much for me. I am easily creeped out!

I love that your parents are insane explains a lot :)

Donna said...

OHMygosh! Sky is dressed to the NINE! Just beautiful! That church is GORGEOUS!

And based on the attendees and the pictures in this post, can I assume local police typically "attend" your family's receptions as well? hahaha


Jaime Salas said...

I found this very entertaining. The apple doesn't fall from from the tree- eh?

Vanessa said...

Don't worry I get it from my momma too!! LOL!! Sky is still simply beautiful!! I can't wait to see you guys again!!

Spudsnsalsa said...

So you're telling us that Skylie is pre-destined to be the class clown??? Mari's empathizing with Miss Sky having to be the one who shows up "DRESSED" as we called curls and frocks around here...I gave up by the time Julia rolled around....just gotta pick the battles when you're out manned!

Kathy said...

Skylie looks sensational as always! Love her hair in curls! I think it is going to to be a very fun wedding! My grandparents were married on Jan 1 and I think it is such a cool time to start a new life together. Many Happy wishes to the Bride and Groom! Can't wait to see the pics...including one of you since you will look FABULOUS!!!!

Tracey said...

Awesome!! Can't wait to see weddingg pics. Love you girlies!

Rhonda said...

tooooo fun!!! what a time you'll all never forget. Loved all the pictures and you all looked just stunning!