Thursday, July 30, 2009

Playing with Polly

Polly Pocket Wedding

The Happy Couple...the vows went like you promise never to break up, yes and do you promise never to break up...okay let's kiss LOL

Taking a Dip

Luscious Lashes

I'm a sucker for close-ups.

Oh Dear! I pissed her off.

More close up-ness.

Such serious play.

For Gwen, An artsy fartsy shot :)

Skylie Butt Now go and have a good day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Chill'in

She has a drink, a baby, a diaper bag, her Bubby and a headband with piggies.

She's got IT going on!

I found her here today in her desk, with her cat, playing Polly pockets in her apron.

She is so sty'lin!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Bundle of Boy

On July 4, 2009 ,We welcomed Matthew Edward to the family.

Sky loves her new cousin.

Kate had named her baby brother Cinderella.

Kisses for Sweet Matthew.

Sky cannot believe how little he is.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

GG's Orbs

Ok here's the scene.....Heaven Scent Lemon filled donut, it was like watching donut porn.

Look ma , sugar!!!!!


HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYAAAAAAA! Yes her finger is in the filling.....I just threw up a little.

Break Dancin' Fool

I told Aunt VaVern that the orbs liked her knees so she spread her legs.....I just threw up a little.

Piggy Back rides

Groovin' for the spirits..Brightest one above Sky's head to the right. Another one by the TV.

I see dead people!!!!

Seriously? I am gonna write a script about this one day.

GG, Sky, Grandpa' s Orb?

Momma, You drive me to drink!

Soooo Let's have a conversation! ( She says this alot.)

GG being dramatic, Sky being a smart ass.

Aunt VaVern being dramatic, Sky being a smart ass. LOL

Orbs,Orbs, everywhere!

Huge one by the cross. Click on pic to enlarge.

Love this one!

She was pretending to be GG's personal gumball machine.
Last night , we were going to sleep and I told her I love her more than pigs love pies(out of one of our books). She said "I love you more than chickens love roast BEEF." I actually cried because she said Roast BEEF not Roast BEAST.She 's growing up too fast!!!!!!