Thursday, September 2, 2010

In True Kelly Fashion

The post below is one I never posted ... it was Sky's first fishing trip :) .
Sky Summer 2010

Skylar is doing so well in Pre-K. Her teachers adore her and say really nice things that make me so so proud.

I am working part-time now so hopefully will have lots of pics to post soon. Is anyone still here????? Ahhhh everyone's on Facebook but I need an outlet so I am gonna come back here too ! I have been so busy with Picassa Picnic Editing that I may need rehab along with Wild Tangent Effin' Hidden Object games...OY !

Sanibel 2009


Donna said...

I'm still hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And it's so nice to see you! Love the fishing trip and love the Picassa editing!! Besitas!

Hannah said...

I'm here!! I the pictures and I am so glad you will be posting more ( post MORE right??)

Love the fishing shots too...especially SKYLIE BUTT!!

Kathy said...

Great pictures! Love the effects! I just started back to blogging too. I am almost caught up for this year!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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