Thursday, November 3, 2011

What's up

    Hanging out with Jacob

  This is Jackson, my nephew and my brothers mini-me 

  My Bro and Sis-in-law and sweet baby Jack

    My Awesome Mom

   My Awesome Kid

   My awesome big Brother

   My awesome Home town

   The love of my life

   Jacob and Sky

   I think he is thinking about spitting on his Godmother and eww I look crazy

  My awesome sister godmother wife Katie

   Jackson taking a dip

 The Beautiful Shrine of St.Joseph where Sky turned around in awe looking at the singers on the back balcony and says "How the HELL did they get up there ?" I know I know just like her mom she is :)

Happy Adoption Awareness Month !!!!!!!!! We are lucky enough to have been touched by the miracle of adoption , have you ?

Sadly we lost our beautiful friend Valerie in June, I miss her everyday. Cancer is a fucking bitch . I will carry her strength with me forever, my life and all that knew her has changed for the better just for having known and loved her. TEAM VALERIE FOREVER

Our family grew by 4 in the month of August. My sweet nephew Jackson was born and I FOUND Sky's big brother !!!!!! AMAZING they look so much alike and he has a brother so now she has 2 big brothers to look after her !!!!!!!!! And of course their mom , I cannot wait to meet them in person. You should hear SkylieBug talk on the phone with her brothers ITS SO SO CUTE

Sky started kindergarten and she's a freakin' genius ! She loves it and is doing quite well . 

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