Monday, March 21, 2011


  Does this make my nose look big ?

 Can you tell I am starting to laugh at myself ?

 Can you see my Uvula ???

 Can you now ?  Look at my gangsta chipped tooth that the doc won't fix ...
because I continually bite my fingernails.

 My new name Ghetto Tooth...GT

 Can you tell I made my eyes shiney to make up for my new ghetto name ?

 Papparazzi GT

 Look at the smiling eyes behind me .

 Do I remind you of a Bobble Head ?

  Do Blue eyes make me look like I have cataracts ?

Bubby has to wear a patch on his eye because he poked it .
Yes Bubby still goes with us where ever we may roam . Yes he has many clones .
And yes sometimes Bubby is a girl depending on Boots' mood.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunny and 85 on Thursday ... after a snow storm on Monday






Look how he is looking at her ... SO CUTE

Prettiest Eyes in the neighborhood

Isn't she a doll !?!?


She knows I am crazy I think LOL

                                        I can just see these 2 as teenagers...God help Jaime and I

                                              And Melia is gonna try to COVER for them

Smiley Mel

                                                                   OH SO SASSY